About Us


In 1953, an understanding came to life which would pioneer the urbanisation efforts of the country and improve the quality of life of people. The venture of the long-established brand of the field of construction, Emlak Konut, which is full of success, began. The corporate vision was determined as building modern cities which would add comfort to human life, and be sensitive towards environment. With this fundamental purpose, Emlak Konut became the architecture of several applications which brought innovation to the industry. Emlak Konut realised several projects which ae examples of planned urbanisation of our country leaving left their marks. It built the most innovative cities of the time with a size that the district it is located was named after it. This stable growth brought with it a serious turning point. And in 2002 EmlakKonut was turned into a real estate investment partnership. This transformation was actually the heraldist of giant projects, impressive enterprises and becoming a bigger company. After becoming a “real estate investment partnership”, Emlak Konut took part in projects which included environmentally-sensitive technologies with qualifications that added value to the city. Starting from the year 2003, it performed the tender of some 121.000 independent sections in 12 years. EmlakKonut was offered to the public twice in an enterprise which would crown its fast growth and carry its targets to wider horizons. The first offer in 2010 was among the biggest 5 offers of the republican history. The second offer in 2013 was the biggest offer to the public in Europe in the area of real estate in the last 5 years. Growing with offers to the public, Emlak Konut reached 3.8 billion liras of paid capital and 17.3 billion liras of active total which was reached as of 31 March 2016, reinforced its place among the strongest companies of Turkey. The acceleration of Emlak Konut which is increasing since its founding, its human-focused philosophy and location where it has reached, it is walking to the future in sound steps. It is coming closer to the target of being a global player of this country which will be mentioned with pride…

Özak GYO

Entering the construction business in 1995 with İnter Yapı, Özak Global Holding has founded ÖZAK Real Estate Investment Trust in 2009 with the lessons and experiences learned in the area. Özak GYO went public in 2012. It develops mixed residential and commercial projects especially at the central areas of metropolises. Özak GYO has been a pioneer in the development of modern lifestyles. While investing in a real estate project, ÖZAK GYO’s priority is that the project adds value to the modern city architecture and its dwellers’ lifestyles.

Yenigün İnşaat

Operating as a general contractor firm in the construction sector since 1973, Yenigün has worked on a plethora of projects both domestic and abroad encompassing almost every single branch in the field. In the superstructure field, they have successfully completed projects including many sports complexes, social facilities, administrative and military buildings, luxury and mass housing complexes, shopping centers, commercial complexes, luxury hotels and tourism complexes, business centers, hotels, offices and corporate complexes. Yenigün actively operates abroad in the Middle Eastern region, chiefly in Saudi Arabia. Yenigün continues its strong growth in both the Turkish and international construction businesses with ongoing projects in Russia, Saudi Arabia and Turkey and its offices in Turkey, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Algeria and the US.

Ziylan Gayrimenkul

Carrying their experience in the retail sector to the real estate sector in 2014 with the newly established Ziylan Gayrimenkul Yatırım ve Yönetim A.Ş., Ziylan’s product portfolio consists of mixed-usage and sustainable income focused projects.