Our 4 Different Model Flats Awaiting For You


Our 4 Different Model Flats Awaiting For You

Büyükyalı Istanbul will – so as to say - mesmerize you with its internal architectural details as well. Famous architects with luxury house and hotel experience have worked meticulously to upgrade the notion of a house one tick higher, to differentiate, and to usher in Büyükyalı both perfect esthetics and the living comfort. Hence, stylish, productive, functional, refreshing, innovative and smart houses were created for you.

All 4 model apartments of Büyükyalı which were prepared with superior quality and timeless design understanding were designed based on different concepts to answer all needs.

It will be a pleasure for us to host you at our sale office to provide you detailed information on our project to offer you the privilege of seeing our model flats which we prepared in 4 different themes of Golden Quartz, Platinum Quartz, White Opaline and Clear Crystal.

Golden Quartz

Deniz Kapı Houses

Büyükyalı Istanbul is a gem with its proximity to the historical peninsula, its location on the seaside, and with historical values it brings to life. We were inspired by this gem for the interior design of Deniz Kapı Houses.

In Golden Quartz internal architecture concept, we worked on the ore from its classical viewpoint while we used the bronze colour, dark colours and occasionally white colour. We cared for the details with which we will reflect the brightness and glimmer of the classical style. By using the warmth of the bronze, we caught a style that addresses to the taste of all times. Golden Quartz offers an alternative space where you can reflect your own style with modern furniture or classical designs.

Platinum Quartz

Deniz Kapı Houses

Inspired by Büyükyalı Istanbul, we processed the modern aspect of the gem concept that we had composed.

This internal architecture style bearing the lean and free details brought the reflecting surfaces and light colours together. And we caught the day with geometrical designs. Platinum Quartz offers a space alternative that will reveal the fine tastes when it comes together with special-design or vintage furniture.

White Opaline

Ada Kapı Houses

We created interior spaces in which we interpreted classical details elaborately with inspiration from the historical texture of the city and from the Büyükyalı Istanbul project.

Through a user-oriented mentality, we developed each house with special solutions in its own discipline by using high-quality materials and the modern technology. Aside from that, we also adopted a timeless and elegant design line and we designed bright spaces full of life.

Clear Crystal

Ada Kapı Houses

We created our concept with inspiration from the dynamic and modern face of Istanbul.

Inspired by the living and vibrant spirit of the city, we adopted a more modern design mentality. By blending the natural materials, the surfaces which extend the spatial perception, and the technology; we designed functional living areas and we produced solutions that are specific to our concept with original details.